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What is the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler? PART 2

In Part 1, we explained the differences in how each of these devices work. Now we will examine how these differences may affect your decision to choose one over the other when it’s time to replace your heating system.

So, Which is Better, Furnace or Boiler?

Each type of heating has advantages and disadvantages. Boilers incur lower operating and repair costs, produce cleaner heat, and tend to be more energy-efficient than forced-air furnaces. These are decided advantages, and if you already have a radiant heating system in place, it is logical to replace your boiler if it fails rather than remove your radiant system and replace it with a forced-air system.

Nevertheless, if your home isn’t set up for a boiler and radiant heat, you are likely to find installing this type of system to be cost prohibitive – especially if you have existing ductwork or a complete HVAC system in place. Most homeowners consider the installation of radiant heat when they are planning a new home build or a major remodeling project. In this case, we would advise running the water lines underneath the floors which will have the added benefit of providing your home with heated floors.

Does My Boiler System Require Maintenance?

The short answer is yes. No matter what type of heating system you have, scheduling regular maintenance is important to ensure your system continues to work as it was designed to. While furnaces require regular filter changes and annual inspections, gas boilers need to have their burners cleaned, and depending on the system, some boiler motors need to be oiled prior to each heating season. The best way to make sure you avoid an expensive January breakdown is to schedule a routine maintenance visit now.

We Offer Expert Furnace Repair in St. Louis

If you turned on the heat for the first time this season and your furnace made unusual noises, didn’t warm your home, or the air circulating through your home smells odd, give us a call today. It’s always easier to schedule a furnace repair in St. Louis at your convenience rather than having to call for an emergency repair in the middle of the night (but don’t worry – we provide 24/7 emergency service whenever you need it!).

Our team at Classic Aire Care has the experience necessary to service, repair, and replace both furnaces and boilers, and our goal is always your complete satisfaction – so give us a call today.

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