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Time To Think About Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now that your furnace is beginning to work less, it’s time to think about waking your air conditioner from its winter hibernation and scheduling your annual AC inspection.

When the technician(s) comes out to your home, they will clean the condenser and the evaporator, oil the motor, and check the hoses and belts to make sure they are all in good shape. Additionally, they will replace the filters and basically give the entire unit a thorough going over to ensure your unit is prepared for the sweltering summer months ahead.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tasks

The following are some essential HVAC maintenance tasks you should add to your spring-cleaning list:

  • Reach out to a HVAC professional and schedule your semi-annual inspection. You may be able to skip this important task, however, this annual check-up will extend the life of your unit.
  • Replace your air filter (this will be part of your annual inspection).
  • Remove foliage and debris that has gathered around the AC unit over the winter. Proper ventilation requires 24” clear space all around the unit.
  • Clean any dirt and grime that has accumulated in and on the unit (your air-conditioner professional will clean the inside during your annual inspection).

Prime Your Unit First

Prior to running your air conditioner at full throttle for the first time this season, you should take the time to “wake it gently” from its period of hibernation. This means running it at a low setting for a few hours to get it used to operating again. You should NEVER turn the thermostat down and run it on high after it’s been idle for several months. This important step will extend the service life of your air conditioner and save you the cost of replacement.

Classic Aire Care

While you may be someone who loves DIY projects, preparing your residential air conditioning system in St. Louis for the upcoming summer season is something you should entrust to the professionals. It’s okay to skip a year now and again, as long as you carefully clean and inspect the unit yourself and change the filters. However, if it doesn’t start up right away, or if you notice any unusual noises, turn the unit off and reach out to the professionals at Classic Aire Care immediately.

The comparatively small cost of an annual HVAC service check-up is worth every penny when it comes to extending the life of your air conditioner. Similarly to a car, regular maintenance charges are inexpensive insurance to avoid replacement costs. Call today to book your air conditioner inspection in the St. Louis area, and rest easy through the heat of the summer.

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