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The Different Types of Furnaces Available for Your St. Louis Home

A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

Furnaces are the most popular heating solution for the cold winters of the St. Louis area, primarily because they are long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective. But different types of furnaces are available depending on the energy sources prevalent in your neighborhood. Gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces all offer great heating performance, but there are significant differences between these systems that could affect your budget and comfort.

Gas Furnaces

Natural gas service is present in many homes throughout the St. Louis area, making a gas furnace an easy choice for homeowners. These furnaces burn natural gas to heat air through a heat exchanger, and that air is distributed through the home using a blower fan and a network of air ducts. Natural gas is a clean-burning, relatively low-cost fuel, and in addition to furnaces, it can be used for water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, and more.

The advantages of a gas furnace include:

  • Gas furnaces are less expensive upfront than oil furnaces
  • Natural gas heating typically costs less than electricity or oil
  • Gas furnaces offer simple maintenance and repairs

Some of the drawbacks include:

  • Gas furnaces are more complex and costly than electric furnaces
  • If needed, new gas lines can be expensive to install
  • Natural gas offers less heat output than oil

Electric Furnaces

Electricity is present in virtually every home in the St. Louis area, so electric furnaces are a good option when no natural gas service is available. These furnaces use electric coils or heating elements to heat the air, a process that is 100% efficient. Like with gas furnaces, a blower fan and ducts are used to deliver the heat to each room. While the heating process itself is efficient, the methods used to generate electricity can vary in efficiency and cost.

Some advantages of an electric furnace include:

  • Low initial cost compared to gas or electric furnaces
  • Electric furnaces require little maintenance
  • The heating process is highly efficient

Disadvantages of electric furnaces include:

  • Heating with electricity can be costly
  • Electric furnaces do not heat as quickly as gas
  • Power outages affect electric furnaces more than gas or oil models

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Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces rely on heating oil that is stored on-site, usually in a tank located in the basement or outside your home. They work somewhat like gas furnaces, using oil to heat the air through a heat exchanger, along with a set of ducts that deliver the heated air to each area of your home. The price of heating oil can vary based on the season and economic factors.

The advantages of oil furnaces include:

  • More heat output than gas for a comparable fuel amount
  • A less costly alternative to electric heating for homes without gas service
  • Oil furnaces tend to last longer than gas furnaces

Some downsides of oil furnaces include:

  • More frequent maintenance is required than gas furnaces
  • Heating oil can run out if the levels are not monitored
  • Oil must be stored on-site, and the tanks can leak
  • Oil furnaces cost significantly more than gas furnaces

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