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Air Handler Services in St. Louis, MO

One of the most important parts of the HVAC system in your St. Louis home is the air handler. Both air conditioners and heat pumps rely on air handlers to filter, clean and distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Like other air conditioning equipment, an air handler requires maintenance and occasional repairs to continue operating properly, while protecting your air quality.

At Classic Aire Care, we offer complete maintenance and repair services for air handlers, as well as new installations, replacements and a full selection of other heating and cooling services. We have been serving the Greater St. Louis area since 1926.

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How the Air Handler in Your St. Louis Home Works

The components of the typical air handler include:

  • Incoming air duct
  • Air filter
  • Evaporator coil
  • Optional electric heating elements
  • Optional humidifier for adding moisture to the air
  • Optional air cleaners like UV light disinfection systems
  • Squirrel cage blower fan
  • Output duct connecting to the duct system
  • Exterior motor, belt and pulleys for the blower fan

The blower pulls air through the air filter and passes it through the air cleaner, evaporator, heating coils and humidifier, then into the duct system for distribution throughout the home.

The air handler is important for both conditioning the air and improving its quality. Regular maintenance prevents bacterial and mold growth, the distribution of allergens, and accumulations of dust that reduce the efficiency of the evaporator.

For more information about air handler components, talk to our team today!

Air Handler Maintenance in St. Louis

Regular maintenance helps the air handler to provide effective heating and cooling, and it eliminates airflow problems that strain the system and increase energy usage. Maintenance should be performed twice a year, and typically includes:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning the air handler cabinet and blower fan
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil and heating elements
  • Lubricating the blower motor bearings and pulleys
  • Replacing or adjusting the fan belt
  • Measuring blower motor current and voltage
  • Checking for loose electrical and duct connections

At Classic Aire Care our team can handle all of you air handler maintenance needs, and we offer planned maintenance agreements that ensure your system receives the maintenance it requires.

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Air Handler Repair in the St Louis Area

At Classic Aire Care we can handle all the repairs for your air handler, including common problems like:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Loose or broken blower fan belts
  • Blower motor failures
  • Malfunctioning air quality equipment

We also offer 24-hour emergency service for problems that happen outside of business hours.

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Air Handler Installations in the St. Louis Area

Whether you need a new air handler installation or you are replacing an existing one that has failed, our team at Classic Aire Care can help. We offer both installation and replacement services in the St. Louis area, and we can match your new air handler to nearly any type of heat pump or air conditioning equipment.

With new technologies like variable-speed motors and improved filter designs, a new air handler can provide reduced energy usage and improved air quality.

For an installation quote, contact our team today!

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At Classic Aire Care, offer professional air handler repair and maintenance services, as well as comprehensive heating, cooling, plumbing, and indoor air quality services.

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