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Natural Gas Plumbers in the St. Louis Area

For many homes in the St Louis area, natural gas provides the energy required for cooking, heating, and domestic hot water. It is a clean, efficient fuel that is delivered to each appliance through a network of pipes, typically cast iron, which must be installed and maintained by a professional to avoid dangerous leaks that could lead to a fire under the right conditions.

At Classic Aire Care, we offer complete natural gas plumbing services, from pipe installation and repair, to appliance installation and leak detection. Our licensed, professional plumbers have the experience and knowledge necessary to install and maintain natural gas systems safely, according to all local codes and regulations. Since 1926, our team at Classic Aire Care has been providing heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to residential and commercial customers throughout the St. Louis area.

To learn more about our plumbing and HVAC services, contact Classic Aire Care today at (314) 812-6067.

Natural Gas Plumbing Installation & Replacement

Whether you are installing natural gas service in a new home, or you are replacing some natural gas lines in an existing home, our team at Classic Aire Care can help. We offer complete natural gas plumbing services, and our plumbing experts can:

  • Cut, thread, and install cast iron pipes
  • Install copper, aluminum or flexible natural gas lines
  • Install fittings, valves, and appliance service
  • Remove, replace, or relocate existing pipes
  • Upgrade to larger natural gas lines and fittings

Our team will provide a fast, professional installation, and we will verify our work by testing for leaks and any other problems.

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Gas Piping Repairs in the St. Louis Area

Natural gas lines are under a small amount of continuous pressure, and as the system ages, leaks can form when pipes corrode, joints expand and contract, or valves begin to fail. If you detect a sulfur or rotten-egg smell, or you notice that your gas appliances are not performing as well as they should, you may have a leak.

Natural gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible. If you suspect that you have a leak, you should leave the building, and call your utility company or local authorities to turn off the gas supply.

Once the building is safe, contact our team at Classic Aire Care for repairs. We are available at any time through our 24-hour emergency service, and we can take care of all your natural gas repair and maintenance needs, from sealing leaks to replacing damaged pipes or fittings.

For natural gas repairs in St. Louis, contact our team at (314) 812-6067 anytime!

Natural Gas Line FAQs

Is a Gas Fitter a Plumber?

If you’re looking for home gas line repair or gas plumbing services then you may have encountered this question rather quickly. There is a fair bit of confusion about whether or not a plumber installs gas lines, and if there’s any difference at all between a gas fitter or plumber.

The easy answer is this: a plumber can be a gas fitter, but a gas fitter isn’t always a plumber. Essentially, a plumber can be certified and licensed as a gas fitter, but you can also have a contractor that is specifically only a gas fitter, which is a gas line plumber only. For example, here at Classic Aire Care we are certified plumbers that are also trained and licensed to provide gas plumbing services like home gas line repair, installing a gas line, and flexible gas line installation.

Asking “where can I find natural gas line repair near me?” Classic Aire Care has you covered. Contact us online today to get started!

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Is it Expensive to Run a Gas Line?

The cost of installing a line can vary quite a bit and is mostly related to the length of line being run and any factors that may impact installation (existing lines, how much will run underground). For example, installing a gas line from the street to the house might be pricey, while if you’re looking for how much it might be to tee off and run a gas line for a stove from your existing line it will likely be far less.

For the most part, however, installing a gas line is fairly inexpensive—especially when compared to the benefits that it provides. The best answer is to call for a consultation! Our experts have extensive training with underground natural gas line installation, and we can make certain the entire project is done safely and to code.

St Louis. Gas Appliance Installations

Adding or replacing a natural gas appliance is more complicated than installing an electric appliance. To do it safely, a professional should handle all the natural gas connections. At Classic Aire Care, we can help you install:

  • Gas furnaces or boilers
  • Tankless or conventional water heaters
  • Stoves, ovens, and ranges
  • Grills and outdoor kitchens
  • Natural gas fireplaces and inserts
  • Natural gas clothes dryers
  • New appliance service, including pipes, valves, and supply lines

Contact our team today for new appliance installations and more!

Call Today for Natural Gas Plumbing Services in St. Louis, MO

From installing appliances to upgrading to larger natural gas lines, you can count on Classic Aire Care for all your natural gas plumbing needs. We serve St. Louis and the surrounding communities, and we are available at any time, day or night.

Contact us today at (314) 812-6067 to request an appointment or an estimate!

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Classic Aire Care installed a new HVAC system at my house, they were high touch, provided excellent Sales and Installation support. HVAC system was installed on the promised date, they were done in 4-5 hours and answered all my questions. I highly recommend them.!

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