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Heat Pump Service in the Greater St. Louis Area

With summers that are hot and humid and winters that can be quite cold, homes in the St. Louis area require quality air conditioning and heating systems to remain comfortable year-round. Capable of providing both heating and cooling, heat pumps are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

At Classic Aire Care, we offer a variety of heat pump services, including heat pump repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement. Our service experts can quickly diagnose and repair any heat pump problem, and we offer 24-hour emergency heat pump repair service for problems that occur outside of business hours.

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How a Heat Pump Works

Using only electricity, heat pumps are capable of both heating and cooling your St. Louis home. They feature a compressor that pressurizes and pumps a refrigerant through a closed loop between the evaporator inside your home and the condenser outside.

In cooling mode, the heat pump functions just like an air conditioner, using the refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb heat as the liquid refrigerant changes to a gas. Air from your home is blown over the evaporator during this process, losing its heat and leaving your home cool and comfortable. The refrigerant then releases the heat outside at the condenser, where the outside air carries the heat away, and the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid.

In the winter, the process is reversed, with the outdoor condenser functioning as an evaporator. As liquid refrigerant expands to a gas in the outdoor unit, heat is extracted from the outdoor air. The refrigerant then carries this heat inside, where it’s released as the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid. Air blown over the indoor coils absorbs the heat, leaving your home warm.

Because heat pumps are simply moving heat from one place to the other, rather than burning a fuel to create it, they are very efficient compared to conventional boilers or furnaces.

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The Benefits of a Heat Pump for Your St. Louis Home

With the ability to both heat and cool, heat pumps are a great choice for many St. Louis homes, providing benefits such as:

  • Lower cost than installing both a furnace and air conditioner
  • Efficient operation that can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 40%
  • No fuels are required, reducing emissions and carbon monoxide problems
  • Quiet operation with less maintenance than other HVAC systems
  • Up to a 20-year service life, or longer, with proper maintenance

At Classic Aire Care, we believe heat pumps are an efficient choice in the St. Louis area; we can help you find the perfect model for your home.

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Heat Pump Replacement & Installation

At Classic Aire Care, our technicians offer new heat pump installations, as well as replacement service for heat pumps that are past their prime. Our installation process typically includes:

  • Sizing the system properly
  • Installing the condenser unit and evaporator
  • Installing air ducts and an air handler, if necessary
  • Installing refrigerant and electrical lines
  • Charging the refrigerant system
  • Installing the thermostat and other accessories

Our team is quick and efficient, and we will make sure you are completely satisfied before leaving. Contact us today for an installation quote!

Choosing the Right Heat Pump

Heat pumps feature two energy-efficiency ratings: the HSPF for heating and the SEER for cooling. The best models have an HSPF of 8 or above and a SEER of 19 or above. Choosing a higher-efficiency heat pump will cost more initially, but it will save you money on utility costs over the system’s lifetime.

Recommended Heat Pump Brand

At Classic Aire Care, we are big believers in the Lennox brand for all types of home comfort solutions. Lennox offers cutting-edge technology, excellent energy efficiency, and effective products. We encourage you to check out their heat pump offerings and call us so we can discuss the best option for you.

Our team can help you choose the perfect heat pump system for your home in surrounding areas of St. Louis, including Des Peres, Fenton, St. Peters, and more, according to your needs and your budget. Contact us today to learn more!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Heat Pump Repair

Whether it’s the beginning of spring or a cold winter night, a heat pump problem can be a significant inconvenience. At Classic Aire Care, our experts will respond quickly and offer the best, most cost-effective repair options for your needs. With our 24-hour emergency service and troubleshooting, we are available anytime, and we can solve nearly any heat pump problem from compressor replacement to diagnosing a heat pump that’s not heating. Common issues include:

  • Startup problems
  • Inadequate heating or cooling performance
  • Uneven temperatures or reduced airflow
  • Poor humidity control
  • Frozen coils or water leaks
  • Clogged condensate drain
  • Refrigerant leaks or improper levels
  • Failed relay or start capacitor
  • Compressor not turning on
  • Blower motor problems
  • System heats but does not cool

Our technicians will work quickly to restore your comfort, and they will leave the work area clean and neat afterward. To schedule repairs in the St. Louis area, contact us today!

Heat Pump Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent breakdowns and inconvenient service calls is through routine maintenance. You should have your heat pump serviced twice a year (once before heating season and once before cooling season). This can help spot potential problems early, avoid breakdowns, improve efficiency, and extend the system’s service life. Typical maintenance for a heat pump includes:

  • Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Changing the air filter and cleaning the air handler
  • Cleaning the condensate drain and drip tray
  • Inspecting refrigerant lines and checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting electrical wires, relays, terminals, and contacts
  • Inspecting the compressor and testing its current draw
  • Measuring blower motor current
  • Lubricating bearings, pulleys, and other moving components
  • Testing the thermostat and verifying settings

At Classic Aire Care, we offer complete maintenance services for heat pumps, as well as a selection of planned maintenance agreements that can make the process easy and affordable. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance visit!

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Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pumps work extremely efficiently in hot weather. In cold weather, heat pumps become less efficient for heating and must rely on supplemental heat, such as expensive electric resistance heating. Generally, heat pumps are effective down to 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the latest models offer improved low-temperature performance, and for extremely cold temperatures, dual-fuel systems are available that add a furnace as supplemental heat.

With proper maintenance, heat pumps can last around 15 to 20 years before replacement becomes necessary.

There are many possible causes for a heat pump that won’t turn on. Some of the most common are faulty thermostats and tripped circuit breakers. If you can’t identify the problem yourself, call a professional for troubleshooting and a quick diagnosis.

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