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7 Ways To Stay Warm While Waiting For Broken Furnace Repairs

January might be the coldest month of the year for Saint Louis, but most of the area’s record-breaking snow storms have occurred in February. Staying warm indoors is a given, but what should you do when your furnace suddenly breaks down?

When this happens, you should not wait to call a professional for help. Contact an HVAC company immediately, so your system can be repaired.

While you wait for a technician to arrive, here are a few things you should do to stay warm:

  1. Shut All Doors And Windows – Yes, that also includes the internal doors around your home. Doing so will keep the warm air trapped inside the room much longer than if the doors were opened. Closing the blinds and curtains on your windows will also help your home stay warmer while preventing colder air from seeping in.

  2. Stick To One Room – Moving from room to room will cause temperatures to drop around your home even faster. Pick one room to wait in, so you can stay warm.

  3. Layer Up – Put on a few layers of warm clothing, and shed them as needed. You shouldn’t apply too many layers because your body will start to sweat. Once that sweat cools down, your body will start to feel colder even faster.

  4. On the other hand, wearing too few layers will also cause you to feel cold. Following this advice during a power outage or winter storm will keep you safer for even longer as you wait for help to arrive.

  5. Consume Warm Food And Beverages – If you have power or a gas stove, then it’s wise to make some tea, hot chocolate or soup to stay warm. Sticking to warm foods and beverages will help your body temperatures stay up. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided since they will lower your body temperature and dehydrate you.

  6. Bundle Up With A Warm Water Bottle Or Heating Pad – Blankets and a warm water bottle are must-have supplies for a power outage in winter. Both items are great to have when you’re waiting for your broken furnace to be repaired.

  7. You can improve this experience by keeping a warm bottle of water with you under the blankets. This can also help you raise your body temperature if you suddenly feel very cold. A heating pad can work well in place of a water bottle if you have power in your home.

  8. Consider Doing Laundry Or Baking – Using your oven or dryer can help you stay warm and heat up the rooms they’re located in. If you choose to do laundry or bake something in the oven, then you’ll also have warm food and clothes to enjoy.

  9. Use Portable Heaters With Caution – While this can be a great solution to stay warm while you wait for help, it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Be sure to follow the instructions of your heater and keep it away from flammable objects. Gas operated heaters should also be ventilated with an open window, if you choose to operate one in your home.

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