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What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Heat Pump

If you’re unhappy with your current heat pump, you may wondering whether you should install a new one or move to an entirely different system. There are many things to consider.

If the poor performance is not meeting your needs, you need to assess why that is. Consider if the heat pump is not able to adequately heat your home because your area gets too cold in the winter and it can’t carry your home’s heating load.

You will want to make sure it was properly installed and serviced, making sure there is proper airflow over the coils.

You may also want to have someone check to make sure it is not leaking, uninsulated or poorly insulated or a badly designed duct system.

Many of these problems cannot be easily diagnosed by the homeowner so it is imperative to have an experienced and qualified contractor thoroughly check the entire system. A qualified contractor should, at minimum, thoroughly check the system once a year. If the system is in good working order, the ductwork should be checked to seal any possible leaks and ensure it is properly insulated.

If all is good there, you may need to consider if your heat pump can operate to your home’s heating load or if it’s too much for the unit you have. A contractor can calculate the home’s heating load and help you determine if what you have is a good fit.

It is important to note that heat pumps produce lower temperatures than a furnace, maintaining warmth in a home by operating longer. This means it may take a lot longer to heat up a home. Heat pumps work best when they are set at a regular temperature and allowed to cycle off and on as needed.

If you have concerns about your heat pump, call our offices today. One of our HVAC experts can help you troubleshoot the problem and find a solution for your home.

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