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Thermostat Installation in St. Louis

A thermostat provides a simple way to sense and adjust the temperature for your heating and cooling system from a convenient, centrally-located area in your home. For many years, it was a simple device with mechanical swathes, springs and other components. Over the last several decades, however, the thermostat has evolved rapidly, first transforming into a digital device, then adding programmable schedules, and, most recently, features like WiFi connections and touchscreens. Today’s models provide an easy way to save energy, by adjusting temperatures throughout the day according to your schedule.

At Classic Aire Care, we offer a variety of programmable and WiFi thermostats, as well as installation and replacement services. For over 90 years, we have been serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the St. Louis Area, providing quality heating, air conditioning and plumbing services.

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Mechanical Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats are simple and reliable devices that use electrical and mechanical components to turn the HVAC system on and off, sense the room temperature and operate the fan. Though they are less popular now, they still have a few benefits, including:

  • High reliability
  • Proven design
  • No need for batteries
  • Lower price

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Programmable Thermostats

Basic programmable thermostats feature a small monochrome display, along with a few buttons for adjusting the temperature and navigating the programming menus. They can be difficult to use, and most require batteries to operate. There are several basic types:

  • 5 +2 day: These models feature one program for the weekdays and one for the weekend, with several set-points each.
  • 5 +1+1: These feature one program for the week and one that can be customized for each weekend day.
  • 7-day: Theses are the most flexible, with an individual program for each day, which is perfect for complex schedules.

Basic programmable thermostats are inexpensive, and compatible with many different systems.

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WiFi Thermostats

By adding an Internet connection, the latest programmable thermostats have become simple to use, more informative and smarter overall. As they rapidly evolve, new features are continually introduced, such as:

  • A WiFi connection for programming from a mobile device, even over the internet
  • Touchscreen displays, with features like simple menus, internet weather content, and more
  • Self-learning function that adjusts to your schedule
  • Integration with smart devices like lights and security systems

WiFi thermostats provide great features, but are significantly more expensive than basic models.

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If you are interested in a programmable thermostat, contact Classic Aire Care today. We can find the perfect model for your system and your needs, and perform the installation. By simply lowering the temperature during the winter while you are away from home, and raising it during the summer, you can reduce your energy costs significantly!

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