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Is Your Furnace Up to Code?

A home high efficiency furnace with a residential gas water heater & humidifier.

Many St. Louis homeowners assume that the work was done according to code when their HVAC system was installed. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And even if it was, you could run into code compliance issues if it’s an older unit, as codes and regulations are continually updated.

Because furnace code violations can lead to fines, lawsuits, or insurance claim denials, here’s what you need to know.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Might Be Non-Compliant

Along with not meeting current codes due to age, it’s possible your furnace was installed by the previous owners themselves, not by a licensed professional.

One common indicator that your furnace isn’t up to code is insufficient clearance between the furnace, walls, and other building structures to allow for proper ventilation. Keep in mind, too, that other non-furnace-related home improvement work could affect the equipment’s code compliance. For instance, if you have your roof replaced or reconfigured, it could interfere with venting.

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Do You Need To Monitor St. Louis Codes for Furnaces?

Although mechanical codes vary by locality, most municipalities adhere to universal rules like plumbing system venting and proper wiring for lights and fixtures. No matter which code you’re dealing with, they’re all designed to maximize your home’s safety and protect the people in it.

Municipal codes are often hundreds of pages long and filled with technical terms the average homeowner might not be familiar with. Also, St. Louis County building codes are inconsistent across the area’s 89 jurisdictions. To ensure the job’s done right and according to your area’s code, it’s essential to hire an HVAC professional to install, maintain, and repair your home’s furnace.

The NATE-certified technicians at Classic Aire Care know St. Louis’ local building codes inside and out. They’ll check your home’s furnace for code compliance and make any necessary repairs or upgrades to bring it back into compliance. They’ll also confirm the following:

  • Your home’s ductwork is appropriately sized.
  • The ventilation system is working correctly.
  • Your carbon monoxide detector is in working order.

Another point to keep in mind: If your furnace is older, you might not be able to bring it up to code. Fortunately, many older homes and furnaces are grandfathered in, with no changes needed until the house is put on the market.

Bring Your Furnace Up to Code

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your St. Louis home’s furnace is operating safely, efficiently, and up to code. Classic Aire Care provides comprehensive furnace services, checking the equipment for code compliance. We also offer furnace replacement services for those homeowners whose equipment has aged out or is beyond repair.

Want to keep your furnace performing optimally? Regularly scheduled maintenance once a year can extend the system’s life and help you head off major breakdowns. We also offer several cost-effective planned maintenance agreements that help you meet your family’s heating needs and ensure your furnace operates as it should when you need it most. Each includes two visits, one in the spring to inspect and service your AC system and another in the fall to inspect your furnace.

Classic Aire Care has provided stellar HVAC and plumbing services to homeowners throughout the greater St. Louis area for nearly a century. We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service, free estimates, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on installs.

To learn more about furnace code compliance or to schedule a service appointment, call us today at 314-329-1943 or contact us online.

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