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Will Chemical Drain Cleaners Ruin my Pipes?

When people have clogged drains or toilets, they may turn to liquid drain cleaners to remove these stubborn clogs. They often do the job, but they also can corrode your pipes. These chemical drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals which, over time, can cause significant damage to your pipes, creating an expensive, messy problem. By contacting a plumber to handle your drain clog, you can be sure that your pipes are cleared safely without causing damage to your home.

Many chemical drain cleaners work by essentially burning away the clog with abrasive chemicals. When the liquid meets the hair, food, or other substance causing the backup, it creates gas which heats up and dislodges the clog. For a one time clog in a newer drain system, this likely won’t cause an issue. But if you have an older home where pipes could have corroded or routinely use these drain cleaners, you could be asking for trouble.

An experienced plumber in St. Louis will use only materials that are easy on your pipes and on the environment. For instance, a snake can often get to the clog and dislodge it without causing any damage to your pipes. If liquid cleaner is needed, they use material that is non-corrosive and will not cause costly damage to the pipes in your home.

At Classic Aire Care, we provide plumbing services for both homes and businesses. We only use products that are safe for your pipes and safe for the environment. Whether you have a clog or need emergency plumbing services, we are always there to help. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service 24 hours a day. If you need a plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Classic Aire Care to get your drains fixes as soon as possible.

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