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Drain Maintenance Services in St. Louis, MO

A clogged drain or a blocked toilet may seem like a simple problem, but if it happens too often, it could signify that the drain pipes in your St. Louis home or business are starting to collect accumulations of grease, hair and organic matter that could lead to worse problems down the road. With a bit of preventive drain maintenance, you can ensure that your sewer drain and plumbing system remains in good condition and operating properly.

At Classic Aire Care, or plumbing professionals offer a variety of drain and sewer services, including drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, clog removal and pie repair and replacement. With periodic drain cleaning services, you can help to break down the accumulations that can contribute to a clogged toilet or blocked drains. We offer drain and sewer cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Greater St. Louis area, and with over 90 years of industry experience, we can make sure it is done properly the first timer.

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Common Causes of Drain and Sewer Problems in St. Louis

Many drain and sewer problems are temporary and can be caused by things like flushing foreign objects, allowing too much grease and hair into the drain pipes or a garbage disposal that is working improperly. These temporary problems, however, can happen more frequently or become worse with certain drain and sewer conditions, such as:

  • Accumulations of grease and organic matter on the pipe walls
  • Damaged or broken drain pipes
  • Clogged traps
  • Vent blockages that create a vacuum
  • Broken, collapsed, or leaking sewer pipes
  • Tree-root infiltration in the sewer lines

If these conditions exist, you will require more frequent drain maintenance to prevent future problems. At Classic Aire Care, we can provide drain cleaning services to minimize drain and sewer blockages, as well as pipe repair services, when necessary.

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Drain Maintenance Tips for Your Greater St. Louis Home

There is some basic drain maintenance that you can do yourself to avoid problems and save money. Here are a few drain cleaning tips for homeowners:

  • Avoid flushing moist wipes, toiletries, hygiene products and other foreign objects
  • Use a metal or glass jar to dispose of cooking grease in the trash, rather than the drain
  • Use screens in the shower and bathroom sink drain to catch hair
  • Avoid using chemical drain cleaner or drain unblocker, as they may damage pipes

If clogs do happen, a sink drain can be unblocked with a plunger or by removing the trap. Unblock toilet drains with a plunger or a closet auger. For stubborn clogs, the best drain cleaner is a combination of baking soda and vinegar, followed by hot water.

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Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services in St. Louis County

When your drain or sewer requires maintenance, our team at Classic Aire Care can help. We offer several drain maintenance services, including:

  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Clog removal with auguring, snaking, or water-jets
  • Video pipe inspections to find the cause of clogging
  • Drain and sewer repair services
  • Drain and sewer system treatments

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Whether you need a bit of drain maintenance or extensive repairs, or team at Classic Aire Care can help with all your drain and sewer needs.

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